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Auto Coop Door

An automatic coop (pop) door is just a two position machine. It has to move an object up an down. It needs to stop at the top an it needs to also stop at the bottom. An you need to be able to control it.

It sounds complicated but its not if you think about what we have already that does just that. An automatic egg turner in a large incubator moves a platform up to a stop point waits for a while, then moves the platform down to another stop point an waits a while again. So it has all the elements that we need. We just need to change the wait time.

A turner has a high torque motor with a arm on it. It also has a cam on it that moves a two way pressure switch to tell it where to stop. It also has a timer motor that has the same cam an pressure switch. Its job is to tell the other motor when to move again. Its just a turner motor for a small turner.

Wired it looks like this.
Automatic egg turner wiring
The timer motor is on the right.

Heres some of the parts I found online.

Here is a video of it in action.

For a door we don't need it to move every half hour so a timer motor wont work for us. So what we can do is replace the timer motor an pressure switch with a relay that has 5 plugs. Two for the coil, one input an two outputs. To power the relay you need a power inverter off an old phone or radio. Once you have all that you need a timer to control when it comes on an when it goes off.

Wired it would look something like this.
How to wire a automatic door on a timer

Now you just need to set the timer to come on after sun up an go off about sundown.

Here are the parts I found online for this setup.

Here are some other parts that could easily be used to build an automatic door.
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