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Frontline Plus

(Wrote in the Summer, 2009)
After what happened to Jerry I started trying to find something to use on my pugs that would kill the fleas but not the dogs.

I tried Dawn dish soap because many people kept saying how good it works. An it did work rather well at killing the fleas that were on them at the time but my dogs have free run of a large fenced in yard with livestock in it. For the Dawn to work I would have to was my dogs every day.

 The only flea meds I found that had a safe reputation were the high dollar drops from the vet. I cant afford to go to the vet just for flea drops so I kept looking an found out that the feed store that I buy my feed an shots from carries Frontline Plus. That saves me the cost of the vet visit which adds up when you have more than one dog. But its still pricey. Its over $35 for the box that for dogs up to 22 pounds an that's just 3 doses.

 At the moment I have 4 dogs. I didn't have $70+ on me. I was about to head back home an wash the dogs again when I noticed the ingredients in all the Frontline Plus boxes were the same. The dosage was the only difference.
(Mixture in the cat box is a little different)

 The cat box says .5 ml.

 The up to 22 pound dog box says .67 ml.

 The 23-44 pound dog box says 1.34 ml.

 The 45-88 pound dog box says 2.68 ml.

 The 89-132 pound dog box says 4.02 ml.

 After taxes the 89-132 pound dog box cost $45. So for less than $10 more I could get 6 times as much product. Needless to say I came home with the big dog box.

 When I got home I started looking for something to measure it out. What I used is a insulin needle.

I took the needle an stuck it in the plastic vial.

Pulled out one dose at a time an injected it on to the dogs necks being careful not to stick the dogs.

To reseal the vial I put a drop of finger nail polish on the hole an let it dry. I have plenty more doses to go.

For every box of Frontline Plus I buy, I'm saving something like $165. That's $165 in savings every 18 months for every dog. I'll let you do the math an see how much you would save if you have a cat.


Have been doing this for years now with great results. If you are interested, you can buy both the Frontline an the needles online at Amazon.com

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