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Washing hatching eggs

Lets get this out of the way right off the bat. Egg bloom is not some mystical god that can shield a egg from anything but its kryptonite, basic water. The Internet is filled with people that will tell you that if you wash eggs they will never hatch. I really want to call this "black cats an snake oil" but there is a grain of truth to what they say. Yes there is a coating on the eggs that is called bloom that does help protect the eggs an yes it does wash off. Thats where the truth ends.

There is also an lot of people that think sanding dirty spots off of eggs is better than washing. For some reason they think the bloom will survive sanding... It will not an you will also damage the pores in the egg making it easier for bad stuff to get in to the egg.

Most if not all big hatcherys wash and/or sanitize every egg that they handle. Also by law every egg headed to the store for you to eat is washed.


Study after study has been done that have proven that washed and sanitize eggs have less that go bad compared to eggs that still have there bloom. That means less people getting sick from eating eggs. It also means more eggs hatching an less eggs going Chernobyl inside your incubator.

Do you have to wash eggs? No, but if you want the best hatch rate you should.

Now to how to wash the eggs?

The main thing to remember is that if you cool the eggs the liquid in the eggs will contract an suck anything in the pores or on the egg in to the egg. But if you heat the egg the liquid will expand an push what ever is there out. So you always use hot water to wash eggs.

Here is how I do it.

I run water that is as hot as I can stand in to the sink mixed with a good antibacterial soap. I then soak all the eggs in the water for a minute or two. Not to long though, you don't want to cook them. Then I take them out, wipe them down an rinse them under the faucet running more hot water. Now just let them dry an they are ready. No poop going in to the incubator, only nice clean eggs.


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