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When should they hatch?

Generally if you have everything exactly right it takes 21 days for chickens to hatch, an 28 days for most peafowl, ducks an turkeys. At least thats the numbers everyone quotes.

21 days would be 504 hours. In reality thats how long it should take from the time you put the eggs in the hot incubator to the time you take all your chicks out.

From my experience it actually takes an average of around 490 hours for them to hatch when everything is perfect. What that means is that if you set them on Sunday at noon you will see lots of hatching going on Saturday night an Sunday morning 3 weeks later. And on paper you would be done by around noon Sunday.

Sunday midnight setting will have most hatch around noon on Sunday 3 weeks later.....

Now there not wearing watches in there so hatch time will vary from egg to egg but most should hatch on the same day of the week they were set, minus about 12 hours from set time.

A few hatching a day or two early or late is normal but if most are hatching a day early the incubator is one degree to hot. If most hatch a day late then the incubator is one degree to cold.

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