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Picking a Box.

Picking the box type or box shape to use to build your homemade incubator out of takes some thought. There are lots of options from old coolers to fishtanks to old refrigerators. You can even build your own box.

The first thing to think about is insulation. If you only need to incubate one or two clutches a year you can get away with using a low R-value box like a fish tank. If you want to use your incubator more than that you are better off finding a better insulated box like a fridge or ice chest. It will make regulating temp much simpler. It also saves you money. Every bit of heat lost is heat that your heat source has to replace. Replacing heat costs money. It may not seam like much money but it adds up over 21 days an even more if you hatch a lot.

The second thing to think about is the footprint of the box. The footprint is not that big if a deal but you don't want it to big to fit where ever you want to put it. You do want it big enough to fit all the parts an the eggs you want to hatch. You also need want to make it big enough to fit a auto egg turner if you want to use one.

still air incubator The most important thing is the hight of the box. If you are  building a still air incubator it will have to only have one shelf for eggs. Never build a multi-shelf still air incubator. That type incubator can be very short. If you build a multi-shelf forced air incubator it will need to be taller. But you should not build any taller than you have to to fit the shelves you need. The taller the incubator gets the harder it is to keep thermal layering an hot an cold spots from happening. At one foot tall a single fan is enough. At 2 feet tall an more than one shelf you can still get by with just a fan but it takes work to make it stable. At 3 feet tall an taller like a Fridge you then need divider shelves, secondary  chambers, false backs or duct work of some kind to force all the air in the incubator to move. Its still not hard to do but it takes much more thought an testing.

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