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Picking a Heat Source.

kerosene incubatorYou can use almost anything that creates heat to heat a incubator. Anything from a candle or lantern to cook stove element. There is so many options that I could never name them all. I will try to name a few.

bulbIncandescent light bulbs, both house AC lights an automotive DC lights have been used. The ease of getting them an replacing them in many different wattage ratings makes them a big draw. The big
1157 downside is the high failure rate. Having backups handy is a must. There use may be less appealing pretty soon as incandescent bulbs are being fazed out in the U.S. an a few other countrys.

Another option is ceramic heat emitters. They are pretty much ceramic light bulbs. They put off the heat but not the light. They can be a good replacement for a light bulb setup because they tent to be more reliable an still should be around for many more years.  The big issue with them is the amount of thermal mass they have. They take longer that a light to heat up an also longer to cool off. That translates to what can look like a slower responding thermostat because of the time it takes for the heat emitters to heat up an cool down after the thermostat has reacted to a change.

Another option is Nichrome wire. Nichrome wire is the wire you see in side of space heater an inside of your hair dryer. It is one of the best choices for large incubators.
 The good thing is you can steal it out of all kins of things like heaters an toasters. The bad part is you need to understand wiring, stretching an insulating it. Its not hard but its not like screwing in a light bulb. But once its there its there pretty much for good. Failure rate is very low.

My choice for my bigger incubators is the whole hair dryer. They are plug an play and cheep an easy to replace. You cant use them with some of the digital thermostat though. They pull way more wattage than some digitals can handle. Another issue is the noise a hair dryer puts off. Not something you want in your bedroom.

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