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Calibrating your Thermometer.

Science class in high school an collage we calibrated glass tube thermometers using known temperatures. Those known temperatures were 32*F of ice water an 212*F of boiling water. That worked great for those glass thermometer. There accuracy is pretty even across there scale.

Digital thermometers on the other hand are not that easy. For one thing thermometers without an external probe cant be put in water at all. For another, because of the way electronics react to temperature change there accuracy changes from one temperature range to another.

Because of difference in accuracy if you want a very accurate thermometer reading at 100*F you need to calibrate your thermometer as close to 100*F as you can. With probe thermometers you could calibrate them in a liquid that boils at around 100*F but how many of us have pure Diethyl Ether or pure Pentane on a shelf somewhere. I know I don't.

So unless you already have a thermometer you know to be accurate we are going to have to break out some trust. You need to find a thermometer you trust to be accurate. The most accurate thermometer you can buy short of costing you an arm an a leg is a medical thermometer. You can go to the pharmacy an get a thermometer that is very accurate.

You could use that thermometer in your incubator but there hard to operate an read inside an incubator. What you can do is put the probe of your other thermometer in warm water an match the reading of it to the reading the medical thermometer gives at the same time in that water. Also if your thermometer does not have a probe you could put it side by side with the medical thermometer in a room that you have heated above 90*F, the minimum most medical thermometers will read.

Heres a video of me calibrating a new digital thermometer.

Let me say this again DO NOT USE ICE WATER ON DIGITALS. I do it in the video only for reference.

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