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Never seen A hen do that.

Why would I worry about humidity? Hens have been hatching eggs for thousands of years without worrying about humidity..

Why should I wash my eggs? Nature invented the bloom to cover that. Hens don't wash theres.

Yep, hatching is a natural thing that hens an mother nature are skilled at.... But, a incubator is a unnatural environment.

When a hen sets on a clutch of eggs they are using conduction to transfer heat from there body directly in to the eggs. There not relying on hot air an there not really cutting ventilation a lot.

In a incubator we are using convection to heat the eggs. Its all about heating the whole inside of the incubator to heat the eggs. You are also restricting airflow to maintain that heat.

So what unnatural effect does heating the air create?

One thing it creates is a explosion in bacteria growth. Any bacteria you put in to the incubator (ether by not washing the incubator or the eggs) becomes millions of bacteria in days. Because of the explosion in bacteria an the lack of ventilation the bacteria can quickly overwhelm the natural defenses of the egg. Its just better to keep bacteria out of the incubator as much as you can unless you are trying to grow bacteria. Cause incubators are good at that.

Another thing heating the air does is artificially lower the humidity which accelerates evaporation. Humidity is relative to temperature. If its 60%RH outside, when that air enters the incubator an warms to 100*F making the relative humidity drops to something like 20%. That makes the air suck moisture from the eggs trying to get the humidity back up. To fix this we are forced to manage humidity an ventilation to try to get evaporation levels back to normal.

So sure, a hen does a great job at hatching eggs an it would be nice to be able to just emulate nature. But the fact is that there is nothing natural about incubation so natures rules no longer apply. We are taking a completely different road hoping to end up at the same destination.

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