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Incubator Cam 1
Incubator Cam 1
Incubator Cam 2
Incubator Cam 2
Incubator cam 3
Incubator Cam 3
Incubator Cam 4
Incubator Cam 4
Brooder Cam
Brooder Cam
Pug Cam
Pug Cam
This is Camera 2 inside the incubator here at Confederate Money Farm. It is here as a teaching aid. We try to hatch every weekend. We raise an hatch Cochins an Americanas. We buy Road Island Red eggs to hatch from a local farm.

We are also always looking for deals on eggs from other breeds of chickens, ducks, turkeys, pea foul an what ever else someone has that we can hatch.

This is a incubator very similar to the one I am using here. Well worth the money for anyone that wants to hatch a lot of eggs at a time.

The cheapest incubator I would recommend short of building your own is the Hova-Bator Turbofan incubator (seen on the right). The automatic egg turner is extra an well worth getting too if you can.

Here are some other incubators that I have heard good things about but haven't had in my hands yet.

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