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Carton Hatch

Carton hatch is just what it sounds like. Its standing the eggs up in an egg carton at hatch time. The idea is that as the chicks hatch they cant roll the other eggs around so the later hatching eggs have a better chance.

I've talked with other people that have tried it an it seems to me that you ether love it or you hate it. I personally have had no luck using the carton hatch method. I have come to think that humidity is the issue involved.

Lets say you have to much moisture in the egg at hatch time. If you have the egg in the natural position, on its side. When the chick internally pips in to the air sack, the extra moisture runs away from the chick in to the air sack. But if the egg is on end like in the carton hatch method all the extra moisture is trapped around the chick making drowning more likely.

But lets assume you don't have enough moisture. If that was the case then you would want to keep the moisture around the chick so the carton hatch method may help you.

I have had absolutely no luck with the carton hatch method so I cant recommend it but if your having an issue with dry stuck chicks it might be worth you trying it.

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