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Building an automatic egg turner can be accomplished several ways. The main part of the turner is nothing more than shelves that pivot from side to side moved by an arm on a electric motor. Making it stop where you want it to an then start back up again later is the tricky part.

To make the motor stop you need a pressure switch an a cam that is high for 180 degrees an low for the other 180 degrees.

To make it start again you need a low speed motor like the ones used on turners in small foam incubators. You also need another cam an pressure switch.

Wiring should look something like this...

how to wire a automatic egg turner useing a timer motorThe motor on the left is the main motor an the one on the right is the timer motor. When the right switch is moved it powers the main motor until the left switch moves.

Heres some of the parts I found online.

Here is a video of this setup at work. I am moving the pressure switch myself to speed up the proses.

Another option is to replace the timer motor an pressure switch with a relay powered by a power inverter an a light timer like this.

That wiring would look like this...

how to wire a automatic egg turner useing a light timer
The orange circle would be the light timer an the red box would be the power inverter.

Here are the parts I found online for this setup.

Here are some other parts that could easily be used to build an automatic egg turner.
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