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This was Jerry! 
My best friend!
An hartz took him away from me!
Not only from me but his family!
He was my sidekick!
He went everywhere with me.
An I mean everwhere!
Right by my side!
No matter who was alread there!
Or where we were going!
He even slept by my side!

An Hartz took him away from me!
This is the product I use on my dog. Exactily as the lable states.
6 Hours later he started having seizures! Before I knew what happened he had had a stroke! I washed him with dish soap an took him to the vet but there was nothing they could do. Mentaly he was all there, still my 5 year old loveing pug but he could not move his body an didn't understand what was wrong with him. I had no choice put to put him down.
Shockingly I now know that the flea an tick industry are well aware of the dangers of there products an choose to hide it an pay victims off to keep quiet.

Here is a list of websites that fight this injustice.

consumeraffairs.com/flea an tick









All tho hartz is what killed my dog Jerry there are many more companies that use dangerous cemicals.
This list was found at
  • Hartz Mountain Corporation
    • Hartz
    • Hartz Advanced Care
    • UltraGuard Plus
    • UltraGuard Pro
    • Zodiac
    • Defy
  • Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation 
    • Exspot
    • Proticall
    • Flea Arrest
    • Freedom
  • Sergeant’s Pet Products
    • Sergeant’s
    • Sentry
    • Sentrypro
    • Zema
    • Triforce
    • Marketquest
  • Farnam
    • Farnam
    • Bio Spot
    • Adams
    • Sergeant’s
    • Francodex
    • Bansect
    • Breakthru
    • Demize
    • Terminix Onguard
    • Kiltix
    • Priority
    • Scratchex
  • Wellmark International
    • Zodiac
    • Bio Spot
    • Adams
    • Hartz
    • Vet Kem
    • Enforcer
  • Virbac
    • Virbac
    • Zema
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