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A Railroader For Me
Harmonica Tabs

Many people believe that harmonica tabs for teaching aids fall under "fair use." But being a copyright holder myself, out of respect for other copyright holders we are making every effort to only post songs in the "public domain." Because of the nature of the music industry it is very hard to do this accurately. If you find a song here that you own the copyright to feel free to contact us an we will remove it immediately with our apologies.

-7  6  6  -7-6  -7  7  7  8
A rail-road-e-r, a rail-road-er,
9  -8  -8  7  -7  -6
A rail-road-er for me.
-7  6  6  6  -7  -6  -6  7  7  8
If ev-er I mar-ry in this wide world,
8  -8  -8  -8  7  -7  -6  6
A rail-road-er's bri-de I'll be.

verse 1
Now I would not marry a blacksmith,
He's always in the black.
I'd rather marry an engineer
That throws the throttle back.


verse 2
I would not marry a farmer
He's always in the dirt,
I'd rather marry an engineer
That wears a striped shirt.


verse 3
I would not marry a sheriff
For he is sure to die,
But I would marry a railroader
Who has them pretty blue eyes.


verse 4
I would not marry a preacher,
He preaches too much hell,
But I would marry a railroader
Who rings the big brass bell.


verse 5
Father, oh dear father,
Forgive me if you can,
If you ever see your daughter again
It'll be with a railroad man.

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