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  Humidity Controller    

Humidity control in an incubator is usually controlled by adding an removing water from it by hand. The thing is, its just guess work. Add or remove a little water an wait to see what happens. Its the same as heating an incubator using dimmer for control an no thermostat. You can do it but there's a better way.

     A humidity controller is not that hard to make. All it takes is a some human hair an a little know how. If you mount one end of a hacksaw blade where it cant move an tie a section of braided hair to the other end. You then pull on the loose end of the hair till you get a nice bow in the saw blade. Hook this end of the hair to something to hold the blade bent. The hair will change length an changing the shape of the saw blade as the humidity changes. If you hook power to the blade an add output contacts close to the moving end of the blade you have a working humidistat.

     Whats that? You don't wont to go threw all that? There is a simpler way. You could just go buy a humidistat off the shelf, human hair pre-installed. There made an sold to control attic cooling fans. Being that I'm pretty lazy that's the way I went.

    Here's what ya need:

1 Humidistat. I used a NuTone HU-100.... $30 Ebay

1 outlet an cover.

1 two outlet box.


1 drop cord.


    You wont two wires running from the same side of the outlet to the two screws on the humidistat that don't say common. You need to brake the tab off between those two screws on the outlet.


     You then hook the drop cord up. One wire to the other side of the outlet an the other to the common on the humidistat.

wireing 2

     Now stuff it all in the box an here's the finished product.

complete working humidity controller

      On mine the bottom outlet comes on when the humidity is to low an the top outlet comes on when the humidity is to high. Now just plug in a frog habitat foggier or an air pump an air rock to the bottom plug an your set. And if to high a humidity is an issue you can wire a small vent fan to the top plug.

Here is a video of my finished product.

About a year after I built this ZooMed started to sell something that will do the same job. Well worth checking out.

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