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PVC Pipe Pet Heater

No matter what kind of pets you have from lizards to dogs to chickens, the normal heat method is a heat lamp. I don't like heat lamps because they are big fire hazards. For a cheep, safe alternative I wired a row of Christmas lights to a hot water thermostat an stuffed it all in a piece of pipe. The pipe gets warm but the thermostat keeps it from getting to hot. It regulates the pipe at about 100*F. Perfect for your pet to snuggle up to or stand on to stay warm in even the coldest weather. The Christmas lights are also fused so thats another added bit of safety.

These would be good for snake cages, dog houses or as a heated roost in a chicken coop. Heres a video of me making the one I use in my chicken brooder as its sole heat source.

You can also see it working here, in my brooder camera.

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